2010 Eco-Sustainable destinations

29 10 2010


Five world-wide destinations invite you to discover their incredible and fascinating nature, having sustainable development and green tourism.  Is so attractive to try, isn’t it?

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The fist one is the “Incredible India” as it campaign says. Considered as one of the four new luxury destinations India is also promoting sustainable and ecotourism activities. The southwestern corner has one of most import natural parks, The Rajamala.


 Going through Europe, we can enjoy to Norwegian Fjords, an extreme and safely place, especially because is one of the natural areas preserving ecology. Offering crystalline water, snow-capped mountains and natural waterfalls, The Fjords’ Norway is within the top 5 ecotourism destinations.


Talking about ecotourism and sustainable activities, we shouldn’t forget Kenya. Whether you prefer natural parks or Wildlife reserves, Kenya has everything that you need to enjoy a perfect eco-sustainable trip. Have you imagine going into a safari and walking down together to a Zebra, a Hippopotamus or a Lyon? In Kenya you can really live this experience.  


 Finally, The Latin American countries  propose eco-sustainable activities. Brazil has the highest  concentration of biodiversity around the world as well as eco activities throughout the country.


Costa Rica is also a rich country in fauna and flora, a green place that still conserves wildlife and local ethnic to promote ecotourism activities.





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