Month destination: January in the Emblematic Moscow!

30 12 2010

Cold but emblematic, Moscow is a complete destination where you can feel a mix of fantastic experiences! Everything around the Russian Capital remains the important of the Russian civilization and ancient heritage!

©Travel to Moscow

Included in the prettiest European cites thank of its outstanding palaces and fountains styles, Moscow is a powerful destinations where authority and money radiate. It is possible to see when you walk down the city to appreciate cultural institutes, architecture and statues to remind everyone of its power and wealth. Lire la suite »

Micky & friends invite you to have a magical New Year Eve at Disneyland!

30 12 2010

You do not to be a child to spend the New Year Eve at Disney! Whether you have children or just like to really have a good time, Disneyland Resort are within the options to end the year in a magical atmosphere!

Fantastic fire lights, up-scale services and a magical environment await you & your family to enjoy of 2011 starts! Spend the last night of 2010 together to Mickey & Friends. Make your dreams come true, enjoying of the fabulous Disney Parade with all the magic from Disney classics!

Magical services, excellent accommodation and enchanted moments are right just in one place:
California, Orlando & Paris

For further information about New Year Eve packages visit: DisneyWorld

Traditions & Superstitions make fabulous New Year celebrations all along the World!

30 12 2010

Traditions to bring good luck for the New Year are as old as the celebrations and come from all corners of the world. Lire la suite »

Buenos Aires & its outstanding high-end hotels to have an unforgettable New Year!

29 12 2010

According to last statistics Buenos Aires has been chosen as the best place to spend the New Year’s Eve. Accommodation numbers for  4 and 5 star hotels hit above 85% in the city of Buenos Aires

Within the most exclusive hotels in Buenos Aires are:

©Hilton Buenos Aires

©Park Hyatt

©Four Seasons

“The positioning of great events in the 2011 calendar will turn the City of Buenos Aires into an attraction centre for national and international tourism in the context of the appointment of Buenos Aires as Book Capital 2011.

Source: Turismo de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Best Places for a Happy and brightly New Year Eve!!

29 12 2010

Source: Travel Dayly News

Having a wonderful New Year & unique experience into an ice city in Harbin, China

29 12 2010


Harbin Ice and Snow World is since 1999 the largest ice and snow art exhibition in the world. It is commonly referred to as possessing four of the key ‘mosts’: the most art attractions, the most beautiful night views, the most recreational activities and the most forms of entertainment. Furthermore, the festival is constantly evolving and each year brings with it a new theme, providing visitors with a totally unique experience from one year to the next.

One of the highlights for any visitor to the festival is to visit the site at night when multicoloured lights set underground illuminate the sculptures, revealing a whole new colourful dimension to the exhibits. The contrasts of the bright and dazzling lights against the dark night sky make the works look all the more spectacular.

Receiving a Happy Chinese New Year, this festival will be opened on January 5th.