Welcome to UK Bristol Airport…New Mural!

1 12 2010


Bristol, a  cultural modern city has the pleasure to invite to discover its new Airport’s face for International Arrivals.  The Bristol Airport’s mural officially accepted by the Minister of Tourism reflects the energy of the region, feature’s Bristol streets, and other particulars of England in general.

The result is a clearly long work that has taken around 2 hours job per meter painted! the total measure 57m. The expected time to paint the spirit of the South West.

To see the final job click: http://www.halomedia.co.uk/latest/mural-again-time-its-live

Morocco presents « vision » 2020, a development in local tourism

1 12 2010

© Morocco

This project is seen as a regional tourism strategy about sustainable development quality, which pretends to create value in the every single region of the kingdom, promoting Responsible tourism.

Created by a group of professionals of tourism areas headed by the Moroccan minister of Tourism Yassir Znagui, “Vision 2020 expects to keep increasing tourism industry within the country, sector seen as a fundamental contribution to Morocco’s economy”.

The project has many goals in mind.  First of all, to position Morocco within the top twenty international destinations, secondly, to keep increasing national economy, and finally,  to make of Moroccan tourism the leading industry of the country. To achieve this, Morocco has contemplated create activities of different tourism niches: Ecotourism, sustainable development, tourism entertainment, cultural heritage and even tourism business. Many tourism companies & enterprises are so interested for this project; they already have signed to contribute as a part of investments. The total investment of the project is going more of 13 billion Euro.

Having already achieved the Morocco’s vision 2010, vision 2020 promises new developments and increments to local people, trying to project Morocco as a tourism country.

Source: L’Echo Tourisme, www.lechotouristique.com

Green Global status to Radisson Blu Hotel in Dubai

1 12 2010

© Flash Dubai

The Luxury hotel Radisson Blu Dubai Deira Creek has been recognized as a green hotel thanks to its environmental practices. Since 1975 this hotel has developed ways to contributed to sustainable activities such as energy and resources saving. This is a clearly proof that Dubai hotels have green policies through Responsible Business to meet the exacting certification standards.

The Green Globe brand and programme, has primarily been used in the travel and tourism industry but is now being expanded to include a growing number of environmentally responsible businesses in a variety of market sectors. The GGC stamp of approval is an ideal symbol for the world’s increasing awareness of environmental responsibility and response to global climate change.

Source: www.traveldaylynews.com

Cancun receives the Climate changes conference

1 12 2010

© CC2010 Cancun

Once again as the last year in Copenhagen the United National Organisation brings the Climate Change Conference, but this time to Cancun, Mexico.

This is the 16th edition for the United National Organization Framework Convention parties and 6th for those parties meeting after signing the Kyoto protocol, been a total of more than 150 states . Participants propose new ideas to contribute to sustainable activities and the conservation of the climate. This event is a clearly manifestation that everyone is concerned talking about sustainable development and climate changes

Within the main activities conferences about scientific and technological advantages to climate changes, collaboration in sustainable development projects, a forum about Intangible Heritage and climate change, and more. As a sustainable destination Cancun is the 2010 face for the conference, a city where tourism activities are a really success. “In Cancun, involved parties  have an excellent opportunity to generate new forces and to create a new era for the global climatically co-operation”

From November 29th to December 10th, information, new ideas and contribution to climate changes will be running around the world.

source: Climate Change Conference, Cancun, Mexico 2010