Healing Hotels of the World, a Healthy Lifestyle

17 12 2010

In a stressful world, be careful about health and lifestyle is more common. Healing Hotels of the World allow you to enter into a perfect place for relaxing!

Introduce new ways of living, is always difficult, especially when we are in the stress and busy rhythm of the current world. However Healing Hotels of the World are impacting  healthy lifestyle thanks to the different services to well being. From treatments, massages, medical consultancy and alternatives, to activities of fitness and health cuisine.

With exclusive partnership with hotels and resort in the five continents , Healing Hotels of the world invite you to immerse your-self into a relaxing and peaceful time. Also, you can enjoy of high-end services and good treatment, being sure that you are not in a hotel, you are in a paradise.

« Vibrant well-being and good health are two of life’s greatest blessings »

Source: Healing Hotels of the World ILTM media centre conference
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Most beautiful Christmas lights decoration around the world!

17 12 2010

The Christmas spirit is around the world! Trying to involves citizens, destinations invest a lot of money in holly Christmas decoration with extravagant themes and amazing colours! Is the « Christmas ray of light »

The Champs Elysées and Galeries Lafayette in Paris, Harrods and Westfield in London, The Christmas Market of Vienna, The Vittorio Emanuel shopping center in Milan, Monaco down town and New York city legendary Rockefeller Center

Source: Paris Match magazine No. 3212

Defining a Destination through a luxurious hotel: The Yeatman Oporto

17 12 2010

A great  hotel defines a great destination, The Yeatman up-scale hotel defines the World Heritage city of Oporto, providing an authentic and memorable sense of the place, that follows the city’s traditions: wine and business.

Source: The Yeatman Conferences at the Media centre of ILTM
Copyright: The Yeatman Oporto

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