February Destination: « Cartagena »… From Colombia to the World

28 01 2011

Also called Cartagena de Indias, Cartagena is one of the biggest ports of Colombia.

It is situated at the North coast of Colombia. Founded in 1533 by Don Pedro de Heredia and namend “Cartagena Spain” it was one of the most important centres for the local economic, becoming in the most popular tourist destination of Colombia. Lire la suite »

Health & Tourism… Developing Asian destinations

28 01 2011

Recent statistics of Medical Tourism around the world have settled Asia as the prefer country for Health tourism in order that this activity is growing all around this continent. Skilled medical professionals and the infrastructure of healthcare system, along with low cost treatments are some of the features conducting the market growth. A calculated statement of $9.1 Billion is waiting for 2012.

©Asia Medical Tourism

Other key factors involving in this market expansion are also the beautiful environment offered in the Asia countries such as, Thailand, Singapore, India, Malaysia, South Korea and the Philippines. These countries have reported significant development in medical tourism, thanks to the Government and Private investments supports.

Last year, Medical Tourism activities have achieved more than $6.7 Billion of revenue, combining both activities: medicine & Tourism

India can be regarded as the most attractive and potential medical destination from Asia, considering the development that the Country has raised during the last decade and with its new merger: The Incredible India campaign and the importance of health services and treatments with accessible prices and facilities.

Is Medical Tourism a new way of growing tourism activities  to the Asian countries, or it is part of the current life-style as  in other Continents such as America & Europe?

Source: Travel Daily News.

« Le Festi’Nordic 2011″ Une journée pour découvrir des activites nordiques

28 01 2011

Les stations de Morillon, Samoëns, Sixt-Fer à Cheval et Verchaix se mobilisent pour une découverte des activités nordiques, mais aussi pour promouvoir un site d’exception dédié à ces pratiques : la vallée du Haut Giffre.


©OT Samoëns

Le Festi’Nordic vous invite à découvrir gratuitement toutes les activités nordiques sur la vallée du Haut Giffre : ski de fond, ski Joëring avec des chiens ou des chevaux, biathlon avec carabine, Nordic-Walking, raquettes à neige, chiens de traîneau pour les petits, découverte du matériel nordique adapté pour personnes handicapées. C’est l’occasion de s’initier à tous les sports de glisse !

Amusez vous avec un ambiance 100% nordique avec le Festi’Nordic 2011

Pour plus d’information visitez:http: www.festinordic-hautgiffre.com

« Hotel du Vin »: A tailor-made place for Wine lovers & experts

28 01 2011

A different hospitality concept that approaches you  to the tasting Wine,  Hotel du Vin invites you to really feel the wine experience, throughout its vineyard environment .



In each of the different cities where you can find a Hotel du Vin, you can also discover different buildings such as Victorian or manor & a wine atmosphere. Rooms are properly decorated harmonizing the concept of wine experience. Enjoy of the pure health of wine, with the wine therapy through the Spa, and get involved into the different products of wine aromas. Finally, learn & share more about wine tasting techniques in the wine cellars of the hotels.

A full concept of wine
©Hotel du Vin

7 new reasons to choose « Sovereign Luxury Holidays »

27 01 2011

The new offer of Sovereign Luxury Holidays includes 7 exotic locations in Antigua Turkey & Greek Islands, combining features with stunning facilities.

Ancient culture and luxury environment are the ideal merger to involve customers through and only sovereign experience. Sovereign Luxury Holidays is one of the most famous world Tour Operators providing luxurious 5 star holidays, family holidays, honeymoons and weddings abroad. « We carefully hand-pick all our luxury holidays to bring you the highest quality Sovereign Collection of 5 star hotels from a choice of Mediterranean Europe and exotic long haul destinations ».

©Hermitage Bay, Antigua

©Le Royale Sonesta Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

©Stella Di Mare Beach Hotel and Spa, Egypt

©Xanadu Island All Suite, Turkey

©Doubletree by Hilton Resort Kos-Helona, Kos

©Susesi Deluxe Resort and Spa, Turkey

©The Kresten Royal Villas & Spa, Rhodes

High-end brand & beautiful destinations await you

Source: Sovereign Luxury Holidays

« Voyageurs du Monde » nous présent ses nouvelles brochures

27 01 2011

Avec un concept plus moderne et différent aux brochures traditionnelles, Le TO Voyageurs du Monde introduit ses nouvelles brochures

En décembre 2010, VDM avait lancé son nouveau modèle avec la brochure « Israël et Palestine », aujourd’hui nous pouvons trouver la deuxième consacrée à la Polynésie. Ces modèles des brochures change le style classique des catalogues pour un style plus moderne et attractive aux yeux de la clientèle

« quittant le format catalogue de prix pour enrichir et approfondir le contenu éditorial, dans un esprit magazine ».

Voyageurs du Monde vous invite aussi à regarder les brochure sur internet avec des diaporamas et vidéos et qui sont également parti de ce  nouveau concept.

Plus d’information: www.vdm.com