Animal care, involving tourists and destinations!

20 12 2010

Dedicate weeks of your time to caring for vulnerable animals and ensuring that endangered species such as big cats are monitored and protected into different places.

A large proportion of animals around the world are particularly vulnerable to harm and suffering. Despite their size and strength many are at a loss to defend themselves from the harsh conditions in the wild. However, with the help of committed volunteers around the world, these animals can escape an eventual destiny of being seen only as images in history books.

Caring and protecting projects and programs have been lunched in different countries where wildlife are in danger of extinction. South Africa have established cheetahs caring and also big hunted animals such as lions, African Elephants, Rhinoceros, Leopards and Cape Buffalos. Other country involved in animals protection is India that has created a special program caring crocodiles. In the Americas, Greenpeace is still promoting its campaigns caring white whales, wild orcas and dolphins, especially in USA. and Canada Mexico also is within animal care countries, creating a marine turtles’ sanctuary in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.

Although yo discover new places and destinations, you can also find out about the animal care, and even contribute to.

Source: World and Volunteer
Pictures: The animal care



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