Archaeological Tourism Mediterranean Exchange

18 11 2010

La Borsa mediterranea del turismo archeologico is an cultural annual exchange run by Cappaccio-Paestum authorities and focused on the archaeological tourism world of the Mediterranean areas.The exhibition will take place at the « Centro Espositivo Ariston » in Paestum (Italy) from 18 to 21 November 2010. During  four days, there are different meetings, conferences and seminaries about archaeological places and infrastructures. You can appreciated as well many foreign exhibitors promoting the archaeological sites of each destination. The hosted country this year will be Cambodia.

The exchange is also appealing to sustain right management preserving cultural patrimonies as the time is passing by.  The exchange is intended also to promote archaeological sites and destinations that can integrate different cultures, to favour the commercialisation of specific tourist products and, to increase cultural, economic and employment areas.

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