Bidding Countries for 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cups

2 12 2010

© 2018 2022 World Cups

Today is the great day for those countries that have presented their bids for the 2018 and 2022 world Cups! In a couple of hours, Joseph Blatter main chair of the FIFA will give the results about the decision to know which countries going to host this international football event.

Considering that last world Cup was in Africa, and 2014 one is in Brazil, bidding countries are just from North America, Asia, Oceania and Europe.

England, the royal country! After be elected the official hosting for the next Olympic Games, the country is very confidence in its organization skills. The country is highly busy preparing everything necessary to have a good performance in 2012. This is an advantage, because they have already constructed and renovated stadiums, parks, and different sectors included hospitality one. However, a rumour of manipulation has perturbed English offer, remembering the polemic selection for 2012 against France.

Other country involved in this selection is Australia. Presenting its candidature in 2009, the Kangaroo’s country dreams of being the official hosting! Even if Australia can cover all the sectors to bring a fantastic world Cup, many football authorities are not as positive as Australians; « To bring the event to Oceania is a risk, especially because Australia is not a football country« ! Also, Australia could represent a risk for the international diffusion.

Improving ways of transporting, and hosting Japan has also its presented its bid. Great development in Travel & Tourism Industry as well as in hospitality sector are many of the favourable points for Japanese people. Nonetheless, the geographical position could threaten the number of  audience and spectators for the hours of diffusion, and also, Japan has recently organised a World cup in 2002…

In co-organisation whit Japan, South Korea was present in 2002, and also has submitted its bid for 2018 or 2022! Undoubtedly, South Korea has achieved a lot of technological developments, however, as well as Japan, they’ve just organized the 2002 World Cup.

Present in every political or cultural conversation, the United States are present as well within the bids for next World Cups. With a strong campaign called “the game is in US” officially sponsored by Bill Clinton, the Americans are very confidence in win the selection. They have around 50 stadiums, and everything organized for receiving millions of football fans and tourists! But, The US has presented its bid since 2007, and they not have as a developed projects a other countries.

To conclude, we cannot forget the last bid that has surprised everyone Qatar. Offering all the technology and development that just the Emirates can bring, Qatar has presented its candidature at the end of last year, that seem as a greatest project. Qatar proposes the creation of 5 new highly developed stadiums with an amazing infrastructure sponsor by Zinedine Zidane. If Qatar is chosen, it would be the first world cup in the Middle-East. However, extremely warm temperatures going until 45° in summer represents a risk for many footballers, staffs and spectators.

Other bidding nations are: Holland-Belgium, Spain-Portugal and Russia

We let you know which country will the official hosting for 2018 and 2022 World Cups!



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