Cancun receives the Climate changes conference

1 12 2010

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Once again as the last year in Copenhagen the United National Organisation brings the Climate Change Conference, but this time to Cancun, Mexico.

This is the 16th edition for the United National Organization Framework Convention parties and 6th for those parties meeting after signing the Kyoto protocol, been a total of more than 150 states . Participants propose new ideas to contribute to sustainable activities and the conservation of the climate. This event is a clearly manifestation that everyone is concerned talking about sustainable development and climate changes

Within the main activities conferences about scientific and technological advantages to climate changes, collaboration in sustainable development projects, a forum about Intangible Heritage and climate change, and more. As a sustainable destination Cancun is the 2010 face for the conference, a city where tourism activities are a really success. “In Cancun, involved parties  have an excellent opportunity to generate new forces and to create a new era for the global climatically co-operation”

From November 29th to December 10th, information, new ideas and contribution to climate changes will be running around the world.

source: Climate Change Conference, Cancun, Mexico 2010



2 réponses à “Cancun receives the Climate changes conference”

6 12 2010
medical transcriptionist (02:05:23) :

Superb blog post, I have book marked this internet site so ideally I’ll see much more on this subject in the foreseeable future!

16 12 2010
admin (10:10:05) :

Thanks for your comment!! So do I. This time, they could get better arranges that in Copenhagen 2009! Hope it could help our planet!!!

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