Two words define Dior’s prestige & London’s elegance: “Lady Grey”

28 12 2010

Dior invites us to London to enjoy of the latest and must-attended campaign starring by the exclusive Dior’s image, the French actress Marion Cotillard.

© Lady Grey London

The legendary Lady Dior Bag has been travelling, bringing up-scale destinations and the touch of Galliano’s inspiration: First, it was Paris, then Shanghai, to go to New York and to finally ending this love fashion story in the Elegant British Capital.

The latest episode of the Lady Dior saga, directed by John Cameron Mitchell, sees Marion Cotillard playing the role of a woman whose iconic Lady Dior Bag is full of secrets and dreams. This  campaign, located in a mysterious ambiance, stars the great British actor Ian McKellen as the leading male.

Coming with the ionic Lady Dior, the gray color is a symbol of this campaign, representing the London glamour and its skies, especially in winter season. Lady Grey London reflects an chic atmosphere with an emblematical capital

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Being a Fashion Traveller with the « City Guide » by Louis Vuitton

28 12 2010

© Louis Vuitton

Rome-London-Berlin-New York-Los Angeles-Paris-Miami-Kioto/Nara-Tokio-Mumbai

Travelling with the most exclusives City Guides created by the French « maison de haute couture »
Available in different languages, the books are a luxury and fashionable instructive that invite you to discover more than 40 destinations with exclusive places!
Exclusive & up-scale destinations for an excellent new year!

A luxury way to travel around the world and to the Vuitton’s Universe!

© Viriato

Hard Days Night, Beatles Boutique Hotel in Liverpool

22 12 2010

Picture from Hard Days Nigh art gallery

This fabulous four star boutique hotel offers you excellent accommodation and a Beatles atmosphere. A place where you can discover the Beatles from A to Z, each room is a travel through the « Beatles-mania »

Luxury rooms have their own individual design, contemporary « décor » and are stylishly appointed with an interactive LCD TV and complimentary WI-FI as well as en-suite facilities that include a monsoon shower. Stay in the centre of Liverpool in style.

Deluxe rooms have been tastefully designed to incorporate the contours and character of the original building.

But, to Imagine a totally unique hotel experience in the heart of Liverpool, you have two choices for luxury suits

The McCartney Suite offers the ultimate combination of luxury accommodation and elegant design. The walls are adorned with unique artwork providing a vibrant acknowledgement of Sir Paul’s part in the Beatles legacy. The McCartney Suite pays tribute to the national and international acclaim to Sir Paul’s work in music and the arts.

With a white piano against a white backdrop  as the Imagine clip and a complete  stunning views of the city centre, The John Lennon Suite is a luxury place highly designed. Features and furnishings that are all in keeping with the theme immediately identify this suite as another iconic feature of the hotel.

Since 2008, Hard days night themed hotel is an option to really enjoy Liverpool culture and Beatles traditions.

Source: Hard Days Nights Boutique Hotel

Most beautiful Christmas lights decoration around the world!

17 12 2010

The Christmas spirit is around the world! Trying to involves citizens, destinations invest a lot of money in holly Christmas decoration with extravagant themes and amazing colours! Is the « Christmas ray of light »

The Champs Elysées and Galeries Lafayette in Paris, Harrods and Westfield in London, The Christmas Market of Vienna, The Vittorio Emanuel shopping center in Milan, Monaco down town and New York city legendary Rockefeller Center

Source: Paris Match magazine No. 3212

The Fashion Museum of Bath, England

19 11 2010


Can we merger culture and fashion? I think yes, we definitely can. What I’m asking that, because nowadays people think that fashion activities are only that, fashion.  Traveller’s Must wants to give you a cultural reason to discover fashion destinations. The Fashion Museum of  Bath in England! Lire la suite »

Italy and its fashion regions… Mama mia!

17 11 2010

Known as a fashion city mainly because Italians are so careful with their appearance as well as because there are a lot of recognized Italians designers, Italy offers a good selection of many regions where fashion activities are part of the everyday life. Lire la suite »