Health & Tourism… Developing Asian destinations

28 01 2011

Recent statistics of Medical Tourism around the world have settled Asia as the prefer country for Health tourism in order that this activity is growing all around this continent. Skilled medical professionals and the infrastructure of healthcare system, along with low cost treatments are some of the features conducting the market growth. A calculated statement of $9.1 Billion is waiting for 2012.

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Other key factors involving in this market expansion are also the beautiful environment offered in the Asia countries such as, Thailand, Singapore, India, Malaysia, South Korea and the Philippines. These countries have reported significant development in medical tourism, thanks to the Government and Private investments supports.

Last year, Medical Tourism activities have achieved more than $6.7 Billion of revenue, combining both activities: medicine & Tourism

India can be regarded as the most attractive and potential medical destination from Asia, considering the development that the Country has raised during the last decade and with its new merger: The Incredible India campaign and the importance of health services and treatments with accessible prices and facilities.

Is Medical Tourism a new way of growing tourism activities  to the Asian countries, or it is part of the current life-style as  in other Continents such as America & Europe?

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Healing Hotels of the World, a Healthy Lifestyle

17 12 2010

In a stressful world, be careful about health and lifestyle is more common. Healing Hotels of the World allow you to enter into a perfect place for relaxing!

Introduce new ways of living, is always difficult, especially when we are in the stress and busy rhythm of the current world. However Healing Hotels of the World are impacting  healthy lifestyle thanks to the different services to well being. From treatments, massages, medical consultancy and alternatives, to activities of fitness and health cuisine.

With exclusive partnership with hotels and resort in the five continents , Healing Hotels of the world invite you to immerse your-self into a relaxing and peaceful time. Also, you can enjoy of high-end services and good treatment, being sure that you are not in a hotel, you are in a paradise.

« Vibrant well-being and good health are two of life’s greatest blessings »

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Traveling to smoke-free countries

26 11 2010

Nowadays, we wan enjoy to free smoking destinations. For those who prefer to breath a clean environment, rather a smoky place,  there are five destinations really fighting against tobacco.

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Health club oppening in Abu Dhabi

18 11 2010

Sprawling over 2700 sqm Abu Dhabi’s largest health club and spa opens in the capital at the newly opened Grand Millennium Al Wahda this month.

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Keep travellers healthy

18 11 2010

Orbitz Worldwide (USA leading worldwide online travel agent) and Walgreens (American drugstore chain) are working together to lute against travellers sick. The initiative has resulted from the last report that reveals 25 percent of travellers have had holiday trips interrupted by illness. Lire la suite »

Improve your-self and have a break!

10 11 2010


Check it out! Countries than you can get access to do cosmetic surgeons and have a little break too.

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