November is living in Glasgow

27 10 2010


GLASGOW city is a beautiful place full of history, arts, culture and heritage. Situated in the south of Scotland, Glasgow is the 2nd important city of the country just after the capital Edinburg.

Glasgow has an interesting history dated from thousands of ages. The city’s origins are not precise, due especially to the Celtic expansion in the 3rd century B.C.; however, Glasgow’s  foundation is consecrated to St Kentigern known as well as Saint Mungo. He was the late 6th century apostle of the Brythoc Kingdom of Stratchlyde in modern Scotland and is the patron saint founded of  Glasgow.

Throughout the years, Glasgow increased its activities with the creation of important places and monuments. This contributed to the growth of the city, having an impact within the UK cities and the British economy.

Glasgow has everything to offer a good accommodation to its visitors. Hotels, bed and breakfast or guest rooms

We can feel it having coffee or tea in the ancient coffee shop (old tea houses), or maybe going into a Scottish pub to enjoy the traditional home beer.

The main attractions are the city centre that has the classical and elegant touched of royal monarchy. For those who like visiting museums and gallery arts Glasgow offers different options. Entertainment is possible whether you like to go to the theatre or to listen to the Royal Scottish National Orchestra.

Contributing to Sustainable and ecotourism, there are many parks and botanic gardens that allow visitors to enjoy of Glasgow nature and green areas. Bicycle tours are a good option to discover the city, supplying sustainable activities.

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