How London is getting ready for the 2012 Olympic Games

29 10 2010

2012 is coming soon, and, the Olympic Games will take place in London. After the polemic election against France, all the UK is preparing everything necessary to celebrate this Olympic party!



The DCMS (UK Department for Cultural, Media and Sport) as well as VisitBritain have started to organise tourism activities and hospitality industry. Private sector and local authorities have begun the construction and renewal of many of buildings around the main is the Olympic Park.  

Considering that London is the 2nd most expensive city of the world, London hotels prices set to a double during the Olympics! Although, other industries such as food & Beverage, retail ways and local transport have not always settled changes on the prices.

On the other hand, UK travel agencies and tour operator have already created the new Olympic packages holidays, but the prices are also unbelievable! Alternatively, Brits are so excited and waiting for millions of tourists who will arrive in 2012; this will be a good opportunity to approach people within the UK.



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