Immerse yourself in one of the European most values ski resort: « Bansko Resort » in Bulgaria

28 12 2010

Bansko is Bulgaria’s number one ski resort, having the best and most modern ski centre of all Bulgarian ski resorts. The resort is also offers  up-scale brands and services with luxurious hotels and apartments around, and a relaxation centre that is available for everyone who like enjoying of skiing and comfort!

The town of Bansko is situated nearby the river Glazane (left feeder of Mesta River) in the north- eastern foot of Pirin, right bellow the highest and most beautiful part of the mountain. Its name comes from the old Bulgarian word “ban”, which means “master”. It is just 160 kilometres away from Sofia and 6 kilometres from Razlog. Bansko has developed into a favourite ski & snowboard destination, thanks to the excellent ski facilities combined with the unique architecture and history.

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