Italy and its fashion regions… Mama mia!

17 11 2010

Known as a fashion city mainly because Italians are so careful with their appearance as well as because there are a lot of recognized Italians designers, Italy offers a good selection of many regions where fashion activities are part of the everyday life.

Have you listen before streets’ names like Via Montenapoleone, Via deltha Spiga, Vi Sant’Andrea? These are fashion streets at Milan, where thousands of tourists and local people love spend their money in fashion trends and luxury brands. Haut Couture designers such as Armani, Versace, Fendi, Ferragamo, Trussadi, Gucci and Dolce Gabanna are present within the luxury Quadritatero delta moda (fashion square) offering their brands and new tendencies through nicely decorated spaces.   

Discovering more of fashion Italy, Florence is other fashion city which remains the importance of fashion knowledge. Around the 50’s the Italian School of modern fashion was born in the heart of the city, replacing the French haute couture that was the former dominated in Europe. It contribute to the development of Italian designers such as Giovanni Battista, Salvatore Ferragamo and Bulgari competing with leading French houses like Chanel, Dior or Yves Saint Laurent. Walking down throughout Renaissance Streets Via de Tomabuoni and Via della iona Nuova you can find boutiques and outlets of Valentino, Gucci and Armani

But, we cannot finish this article without mention the beautiful and fashion Rome, here, the art of fashion is seen from A to Z! Starting at Via Condetti considered the world’s most elegant streets you can find chic brands as Gucci, Hermes, Prada and Valentino. Moreover, Via del Governo Vecchio is full of traditional boutiques with a touch of an only style.

Italy is not only a cultural and historical city, but also it is a good opportunity to discover fashion trends!



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