Luxury Wine Tourism, an unforgettable experience of Wine and Tourism

15 12 2010

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« Luxury, Prestige and Refinement » is what you can expect from this new concept of oenotourism activities

Everything started when Bernard Magrez, owner of 35 vineyards around the world producing only Grands Crus decided to introduce a luxury way of doing oenotourism activities throughout its Bordeaux best vineyards and Castles such as Château Pape Clement, Château la Tour Canet (Medoc) and Château Foumbrage (Saint Emilion). Luxury Wine Tourism has been officially established in 2008 as an up-scale receptive agency offering a magic variety of tourism activities as close as your wishes are.

Among up-scale services and a beautiful environment, Luxury Wine Tourism offers mainly tours and tastings around the different castles and Grands Crus, also, the experiences of sleeping at the « châteaux » or of discovering the domains and the Bordeaux city in Rolls Royce and in helicopter to get a unique view of the vineyards! Moreover, to complete packages, other options can be included, for example a Culinary course with a Master Chef,  golf courses and learn more about wine process.

Bernad Magrez takes care of the prestige and the refinement of its wines and vineyards, that’s why he was created this luxury concept, bringing all the best from its Bordeaux vineyards in a  made to measure luxury trip.



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19 12 2010
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