Month destination: January in the Emblematic Moscow!

30 12 2010

Cold but emblematic, Moscow is a complete destination where you can feel a mix of fantastic experiences! Everything around the Russian Capital remains the important of the Russian civilization and ancient heritage!

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Included in the prettiest European cites thank of its outstanding palaces and fountains styles, Moscow is a powerful destinations where authority and money radiate. It is possible to see when you walk down the city to appreciate cultural institutes, architecture and statues to remind everyone of its power and wealth.

Especial feelings are really experimented looking at historical and magnificent buildings dated from thousands of years. From Ivan the Terrible’s St Basil’s Cathedral to Stalin’s 1950s skyscrapers are massive and impressive. Museums, of which there are more than 80, house world-class collections, from spacecraft to modern art. The Russian most distinguish musicians are still present at the contemporary glass House of Music and the Moscow conservatory, places were Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich used to teach.

The most famous theatre Bolshoi has been close since 2005 due to renovations, but musical performances and events are doing among the institution’s equally grand New Theatre just next to, bringing the public the magic of Russian Ballet with the glamour of champagne with caviar intervals. The Bolshoi will be open again in October 2011, promises and unforgettable night.

If you consider travelling to Moscow, do not forget! The carriages, armour, gold-embroidered tsarinas dresses and Fabergé eggs, in the State Armoury; the jewellery in the Diamond Fund room; the Cathedral of the Assumption and Cathedral of the Annunciation; the State Kremlin palace, just to see the corridor of chandeliers; and of course, St Basil’s Cathedral, on neighboring Red Square, to marvel at the onion domes that overlook Lenin’s black marble tomb.

For Further information about Moscow:

Moscow may be freezing in winter, but streets are empty, museums easier to get into, the orchestras and ballet and theatre companies have returned from their tours, and the snow sets off the architecture beautifully. Plus, prices plummet with the temperatures. Just be sure to wrap up. Museum signs are in Russian only; if you are not with a guide, take a good guidebook. Russian Orthodoxy Church, Christmas day on January 7th.



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