Morocco presents « vision » 2020, a development in local tourism

1 12 2010

© Morocco

This project is seen as a regional tourism strategy about sustainable development quality, which pretends to create value in the every single region of the kingdom, promoting Responsible tourism.

Created by a group of professionals of tourism areas headed by the Moroccan minister of Tourism Yassir Znagui, “Vision 2020 expects to keep increasing tourism industry within the country, sector seen as a fundamental contribution to Morocco’s economy”.

The project has many goals in mind.  First of all, to position Morocco within the top twenty international destinations, secondly, to keep increasing national economy, and finally,  to make of Moroccan tourism the leading industry of the country. To achieve this, Morocco has contemplated create activities of different tourism niches: Ecotourism, sustainable development, tourism entertainment, cultural heritage and even tourism business. Many tourism companies & enterprises are so interested for this project; they already have signed to contribute as a part of investments. The total investment of the project is going more of 13 billion Euro.

Having already achieved the Morocco’s vision 2010, vision 2020 promises new developments and increments to local people, trying to project Morocco as a tourism country.

Source: L’Echo Tourisme,



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