MSC Recent Trends in Upscale cruising

9 12 2010

As part of the ILTM exhibitors, MSC cruises gave a press conference to promote its luxury cruises and also to share its new challenges.

The conference started talking about luxury cruising and also consumer needs in terms of new high-end brands. Then, we knew more about Fantasia and Splendia and Divina, three fantastic ships that have excellent services such as: spa, private clubs, gastronomic international restaurants, and more. You can chose from 1st to 3rd classes other ships options, according with your expectations.

MSC group is a private Italian group leader in cruising market since 1970. This group has developed new and exclusive services to be part of the elite of cruising.

Relaxing and having a good time must involve the intimate environment and you can be sure that the good one is MSC cruses



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