Pyramids, Pharaohs & Monuments… Discover Wonderful Egypt

14 01 2011

During the lasts years, Egypt has augmented its number of visits thanks to the amazing  environment projected all around the country.

Enjoy a part of Wonderful Egypt!

Egypt is a place who offers you a quantity of activities to do. The Cultural & Historical side of Egypt will be surprise you when you discover the origins and all the best from Ancient Civilization. Monuments, temples & the must visited Pyramids that are the only wonderful of the ancient world are the highlights of the magical City.

Discovering Egypt you will really feel the experience of Ancient Egyptians, like if you travel throughout the time, and relive when Alexander the Great founded Alexandria, becoming it in the most important capital of the Ancient Civilization. Then, you will live a Pharaonic experience visiting the Pyramids and the Temples. And to conclude, do not forget doing a camel walk throughout the Sahara’s desert!

Egypt is waiting for you!

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