Best Places for a Happy and brightly New Year Eve!!

29 12 2010

Source: Travel Dayly News

Being a Fashion Traveller with the « City Guide » by Louis Vuitton

28 12 2010

© Louis Vuitton

Rome-London-Berlin-New York-Los Angeles-Paris-Miami-Kioto/Nara-Tokio-Mumbai

Travelling with the most exclusives City Guides created by the French « maison de haute couture »
Available in different languages, the books are a luxury and fashionable instructive that invite you to discover more than 40 destinations with exclusive places!
Exclusive & up-scale destinations for an excellent new year!

A luxury way to travel around the world and to the Vuitton’s Universe!

© Viriato

Copenhagen: Best destination for 2011

25 11 2010

© Copenhagen

The European Consumers choice awards (ECA) has given the list of the best destinations for 2011. This time, consumers has chosen the Denmark’s capital after a strong competition with other European cities. The delegate of the ECA has visited each of nominated cities, then the voting was opened for 31 days letting the public have the last word.  Copenhagen has reported the first place with 2894 votes in total followed by Barcelona 2403 and Berlin in the third place with1648 of the 50 000 total votes.

Copenhagen is a city that is so involved in sustainable activities. The city has organised everything necessary for the last year Copenhagen conference on climatic change, and also has started to developed new ideas to contribute to sustainable activities.

Source:The European Consumers choice awards (ECA)