Romania’s new « green » logo

24 11 2010

The Romanian tourism office has changed its logo, innovating the tourism industry in the country and in Europe. This is the new face of Romania’s tourism that is promoting cultural heritage and natural regions, and inviting tourists to discover the green side of Romania as the slogan says « explore the Carpathian garden ». The Carpathian part of Romania is well know for its beautiful areas as well as for its mountains and lacs, that results a perfect combination to enjoy a eco-sustainable destination.


Green Abu Dhabi contributing to ecotourism

17 11 2010

From 22nd to 24th November Abu Dhabi is receiving millions of visitors to show its first global event focused on Ecotourism and green activities. This even is really expected for many authorities, sectors and organisations working within the tourism industry, especially because it will be an opportunity to many exhibitors to show the new ways and techniques to develop Sustainable tourism.

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Sustainable Activities

7 10 2010

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