The « Visa » Luxury Hotel Collection

26 01 2011


Visa puts some of the world’s most exotic and luxurious hotels and resorts at the fingertips of its Visa Platinum, Signature and Infinite cardholders in Latin America and the Caribbean with the launch of the Visa Luxury Hotel Collection (VLHC) benefits platform in the region. This new premium travel offering enables Visa affluent cardholders to find, book, and enjoy unique benefits at a hand-selected group of prestigious properties through the regional website in Spanish:

The new “BRIC” to build luxury tourism brands

2 12 2010

Brazil, Russia, India and China are the new destinations that during the last decade have augmented their economies, thanks to the success of own tourism industries and luxury brands.

This is the time when luxury trends and tourism must merger. According to last statistic, tourism industry is one of the biggest industries which increments economy as at national as in international scale.

With the last technological developments achieved by the president Lula, Brazil has all to be part of luxury destinations, offering quality services in Tourism areas.  Brazilian people are within the most travellers and buyers of luxury brands. As Brazilians, Indians also are at the top of most travellers, spending a lot of money in luxury brands in tourism. Russians see themselves as a potentially luxury market, offering any quality and categories on luxury trends. China has really developed this luxury size, and now is trying to get in luxury tourism market, opening luxury Chinese hotels world-wide; it seems that China will be the new luxury potential market.

The World Travel Awards 2010

10 11 2010

Last Sunday, the World Travel Awards final ceremony have taken place at London. Within a JW Marriott hotel environment the VIP travel event gave the names of the worldwide destination winners in different areas of the travel and tourism industry. Luxury Hotels, amazing destinations, cultural places were many of the winners.

For further information visit:

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Luxury Hospitality Industry

27 10 2010

Nowadays,  services and brands that hoteliers offer are fundamental to choose  destinations. Different places around the world are working to improve the quality of hospitality products and services. Exhorbitant buildings luxury decorated are one of the most competitive brands within the industry. Enjoy the pictures. So luxe!!


More than luxury is Burj Al Arab

7 10 2010

Why this seven star hotel is more than luxury?

It is easy to answer, because this seven star hotel means highly comfort, luxury, quality services.  Staying one night at Burj Al Arab is really feeling the amazing Arabian world combined to perfect atmosphere.

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