The Fashion Museum of Bath, England

19 11 2010


Can we merger culture and fashion? I think yes, we definitely can. What I’m asking that, because nowadays people think that fashion activities are only that, fashion.  Traveller’s Must wants to give you a cultural reason to discover fashion destinations. The Fashion Museum of  Bath in England!

England, England and once again England, a country coming so popular: London is preparing everything necessary for the next Olympic Games, which means that in terms of tourism it will be a huge success. Then, love is in the air! William is getting married! The 2011 Royal Wedding expects bringing millions and millions of tourists! But if you don’t consider any of these reasons fashion or neither cultural to go to the cheese cake country, I give you one that maybe you would like to try:

The fashion Museum of Bath

Is a world class collection of contemporary and historical dress, situated at the city of Bath, a famous ancient Roman city full of history and arts. The Fashion Museum collection was started by Doris Langley Moore, a collector, costume designer and author. She gave her collection to the city of Bath in 1963, and Bath City Council used it to found the Museum of Costume. The collection is now three times its original size and the museum changed its name to the Fashion Museum in 2007.

This is a reflexion that contemporaneous designers can be inspired by ancient’s trends. Throughout the fashion museum at Bath you can also discover all the best of British and international designers as well as a fantastic collection of many Diana’s dresses and accessories.

The Fashion museum offers not just exhibitions and creations, but also study facilities and educational programs.

So, you already got a new reason to prepare a trip to England!

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