Defining a Destination through a luxurious hotel: The Yeatman Oporto

17 12 2010

A great  hotel defines a great destination, The Yeatman up-scale hotel defines the World Heritage city of Oporto, providing an authentic and memorable sense of the place, that follows the city’s traditions: wine and business.

Source: The Yeatman Conferences at the Media centre of ILTM
Copyright: The Yeatman Oporto

Oporto (Porto), is a business city situated in the North of Portugal famous also because its great production of wine. Former, Oporto was the home of mostly British shippers and their families, so the city adopted a British elegant style combined with Portuguese traditions. The Yeatman blends both cultures, evoking the distinctive personality of the ancient city and its historical link to the wine world.

With a beautiful landscape The Yeatman offers you a quiet atmosphere together to exclusive services. Spending one night in the Yeatman you have got the opportunity to discover a destination into a high-end space, feeling the culture heritage of Oporto and the British side of this hotel:  Basically, this hotel is a new way to enjoy of luxury hospitality,  « 82 magnificent guest rooms and suits, with a particular designed and exclusive name, are waiting for you » Set up in a magic environment of over 2 and a half hectares, The Yeatman gardens provide you a comfort space of relaxing, enjoying of a unique view of  Oporto centre.

Aiming to deliver Oporto’s most inspiring dining experience, The Yeatman restaurant offers imaginative cuisine in which the traditional Portuguese flavours are selected and presented with contemporary flair The Hotel’s award-wining chef Ricardo Costa is the responsible to involve you into the delicious tasting of The Yaetman’s gastronomy. An this authentic culinary discipline cannot be perfect without the careful selection of wine, which The Yeatman can be proud of, especially because the hotel’s owns one of the most prestigious cellars from Portugal where you can fine the best of the Portuguese wine producers. Following the wine tasting line, the cellar also propose you to discover the taste of the wooden aged wine throughout wine dinner, that are exclusively organised! And, also you can enjoy of a Vinothérapie at The Yeatman Spa that is an oasis of well being and serenity.

The Yeatman is a completely luxury hotel. Helping the environment, many features have been corporate into design and operation of The Yeatman to help to reduce the impact on the environment, such as Solar panels, low electricity installations, rain harvesting suppliers that are use for sanitary and garden irrigations, and a green space within the garden to protect Portuguese species like plants or migratory birds.

More than luxury hotel, The Yeatman is a complete expression of traditions.



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