Two words define Dior’s prestige & London’s elegance: “Lady Grey”

28 12 2010

Dior invites us to London to enjoy of the latest and must-attended campaign starring by the exclusive Dior’s image, the French actress Marion Cotillard.

© Lady Grey London

The legendary Lady Dior Bag has been travelling, bringing up-scale destinations and the touch of Galliano’s inspiration: First, it was Paris, then Shanghai, to go to New York and to finally ending this love fashion story in the Elegant British Capital.

The latest episode of the Lady Dior saga, directed by John Cameron Mitchell, sees Marion Cotillard playing the role of a woman whose iconic Lady Dior Bag is full of secrets and dreams. This  campaign, located in a mysterious ambiance, stars the great British actor Ian McKellen as the leading male.

Coming with the ionic Lady Dior, the gray color is a symbol of this campaign, representing the London glamour and its skies, especially in winter season. Lady Grey London reflects an chic atmosphere with an emblematical capital

Click to watch the complete clip:



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